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 I am a certified Yoga teacher and 5th degree Black Belt. My life is  passion-filled and built with amazing manifestations. The secret to achieving your best life is rooted in expressing gratitude at each positive marker you find on your journey. What are your markers? Let’s find them together! 

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Being well does not just require a nutritional program designed for the individual. It is the body, mind, soul connection that is vital to living a life of wellness.


Assortment of products designed to work together for optimal results. You can be confident that Isagenix is committed to your success by offering you the opportunity to live a healthy, clean, and lean lifestyle—and to create wealth while doing so.


Using your goals as a guide, a plan will be created that is right for you.


Workouts that are individualized for you with Customized meal plans


Discover the right combination so you are successful in your wellness journey.

About Me

Struggles, Passion, Goals

Listen, I’m no stranger to “hard times.” I’ve been there:  working multiple jobs so I could pay my mortgage, the constant fear that all of it will come crashing down at any time. But make it work I DID.

Remember, no matter how hard it may seem right now, change is just around the bend. Anything is possible. You CAN heal your spirit, you CAN love your body, you CAN feel like your life is YOURS again.

What I know from my own story is this: your body will only wait for so long. It will only let you continue temporarily to work against it, against your natural vibration– the signals it sends seems subtle right now but they will become louder, more extreme, alarming, terrifying, and dangerous.

Before it’s too late, let’s break the cycle together!

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“EVERYONE NEEDS A COACH! Who is coaching you? Why should you consider adding Nichole Rich to your Team? Nichole is passionate, intelligent, thoughtful, motivating and driven to live her life at her own Personal Best level of excellence.

As a student of mine, I have seen her evolve over our 14 year relationship into a model Black Belt Leader. She competes at high levels and walks the talk of what she preaches….something that many trainers do not do.

I have known few in my life that pursue lifelong education and personal development with such hunger. She is always looking for the smallest advantages that will yield the very best results. And while some are addicted to education for education sake, she knows EXACTLY how to extract what is useful and discards the rest.

I have been amazed to see what she has done to create harmony while at the same time reach for such extreme levels of fitness in herself and her team of clients. Needing to lose 20 lbs. in 5 weeks for a world title fight, I quickly realized I needed some outside support and reached out to Nichole.

I watched in amazement as the strategy she crafted for me caused the pounds to effortlessly fall off me week after week until I reached my goal. She was there EVERY STEP OF THE WAY encouraging, coaching and staying in tune to the goal. I was as excited to report the weight loss news to her as I was to lose the weight for the event.

How nice it was to have a second set of eyes on my target goal, not letting me become distracted with busy schedules and other pressing demands. Most of where you end up in life comes from who you select to be a part of your immediate peer group.

I can think of no one better to add to your team to help you realize your health, fitness, education, balance or life goals more that Nichole Rich. You can continue on your path and learn through trial and error what works and what doesn’t or you can become involved in her program and get the “cliff notes” to success customized for you and reach your goals in half the time with twice the fun.” ~

Christopher Rappold

5 Time World Karate Champion


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